flashblue Scripts & Code Easy Google Maps jQuery framework used Google Maps generator. FEATURES INCLUDED: * strtoupper('Fully responsive') * Options are configurable via strtoupper('HTML') or strtoupper('JavaScript') * strtoupper('Iframe') and strtoupper('single image')... $5 http://www.codegrape.com/item/easy-google-maps/2551?ref=flashblue http://files.codegrape.com/12647.jpg

jQuery framework used Google Maps generator.

Features included:

  • Fully responsive
  • Options are configurable via HTML or JavaScript
  • Iframe and single image maps are available
  • Supports multiple maps instance
  • Configurable bubble for location pin (iframe maps)
  • Configurable location pin (image maps)
  • Easy to configure
  • Works on any site
  • Help file is included
Appreciated on February 8th, 2014